Broadcast is a Glasgow venue which opened in October 2012. With a mix of international touring artists, local bands and DJs the venue needed the right spec for a variety of uses and users.

Alive installed a d&b C6 with d&b C4 sub system downstairs in the venue, with E0s as delays. Upstairs in the bar d&b E0s and E1s were installed. For the venue a Midas F32 Desk was chosen due to its high quality pre amps and the ability to make multitrack recordings straight out the desk it to the engineers laptop. The desk was augmented with control and dynamics from XTA, TC electronics, Drawmer, and DBX.

At the stage end we installed a 40 channel patchable stagebox with 2 sub boxes.

Monitors are Logic CM15s with QSC Amplifiers and BSS graphics.

DJ equipment was provided in the shape of 4x Technics 1210s, 2x CDJ 2000s, 2xCDJ 1000 Mk3., 1x DJM 700 and a RAne ??? mixer.

The full package was provided including mic stands from K&M and microphones from Sure, AKG and Audio Technica.

The install was a mixture of new and pre owned giving the client an extremely competitive price whilst still keeping the quality high. 


A late night Glasgow institution Nice and Sleazy mixes bands with clubnights downstairs and a busy night time bar upstairs. Alive Sound LTD were chosen for the install and put a heavyweight club system in downstairs and a system for DJs upstairs in the bar.

After a speaker shootout day downstairs the chosen winning system was a 2x d&b B2 infrabass with a 2x C4 subs and 2x d&b C7 tops. For a 200 cap. venue the low end provides enough bass for any DJ and the C7 tops keeping bands intelligible and clear.

Upstairs we used 4x d&b C6 run from a d&b P1200 amplifier.